"It brings me so much happiness, so much more than I would ever realize"
"It brought tears to my mother's eyes. It's so perfect!"
"Thank you so much for capturing her perfectly. It's stunning."
“The life-like appearance is a great testimonial to Erica's talent and attention to every detail.”
“You've captured the face that I know and love!”
Capture A Pet's Love With An Original Pet Portrait

Hi, I'm Erica!
I know what it's like to ridiculously love your pet and also the deep sorrow of losing your furry friend.

Since selling my first painting at the age of 10, I've had the honor of helping many customers capture their pet's personalities and joyful ways for a forever keepsake and the ultimate tribute. Many say it's the perfect gift.

If you're interested, I'd love to hear more about your pet. Fill out this form and let's get started.

How Does it Work? 
It's quite simple really.
I paint your pet from your photos to create a detailed portrait.

A 50% deposit reserves your portrait and your spot on my wait list, with the remaining due once it's finished.

Your painting will be carefully packaged, insured, and shipped with USPS Priority Mail for free!
What if I'm Not Happy?
Commissioning a pet portrait is completely risk-free as I offer a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Art can be tricky, and while art is subjective and up to the artist' interpretation, I want you to be jumping with joy over your painting. If you're not, you'll get a swift and complete refund.
How Much Will I be Involved?
I want to hear your stories about your pet as I'll be spending lots of time with my new furry friend to capture every detail and personality. I'll share the progress via photos and videos, and of course you get to review it before it's finished to make sure you are happy.
What About the Shape and Background Color?
The shape depends on the photos you share and the pose you prefer, and the background color will compliment your pet's fur and work with your decor. 

We'll make these decisions together.

Giving a pet portrait as a gift is popular among my customers and they often share the overwhelming emotions experienced, both from themselves seeing their loved ones opening their surprise gift and the sincere surprise and raw gratitude by the honored recipient.

These make for the perfect birthday, anniversary, and holiday gift. My customers give them to their significant other, best friend, their parents, in-laws and their children. Fill out the form today to make sure the wait list schedule works in your favor. 
"I immediately burst into tears"

"When I opened the Christmas present from my husband, I said out loud, 'Oh, it’s a portrait of a bulldog.' And then I took a closer look and said, 'It’s a portrait on MY bulldog!' I immediately burst into tears. This exact likeness of my baby girl is I think one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. I will treasure it always."

- M.L. of Virginia who received a portrait from her husband for Christmas

"He was amazed"

"My husband absolutely loves the paintings! He was amazed that you were able to take our all-black cat and give her so many features. We love them so much, they look exactly like our cats down to the details such as freckles on our orange cat. We are beyond excited to have them hanging in our home and thankful for your incredible work!"

- E.H. of Virginia who surprised her husband with portraits of their cats for Christmas

"I love it! It looks exactly like him, and you've captured him perfectly! My parents, and especially my Dad, were absolutely thrilled with my Christmas gift. He hung it up in the living room right away so that everyone who came to the house could see it. We all love Dos so much and this portrait is such a nice way to honor how much joy he brings to our family. I can't thank you enough!"

- L. W. of Virginia

I wish you could have seen the look on my in-laws’ faces when they unwrapped Bella’s portrait! They could get over how perfectly you captured her personality, and kept saying, 'Has Erica met Bella before?' The perfect gift!”

– A.H. of Bear, Delaware​​​​​​

"The portrait that Erica created of Daisy brought tears to my mother's eyes. It is so perfect! She captured every detail down to each individual whisker, and more importantly, Daisy's sweet personality. It made the perfect gift for my mom, and my sisters and I are so glad we did this for her. It felt so great to see her face opening the painting! Thank you, Erica!"

- R.D. of Virginia
I'm Erica Eriksdotter, a Swedish-born, Washington, D.C.-based fine arts painter. I'm a third generation painter and sold my first painting at the age of ten. 

I believe in creating art that people find uplifting and receive nurturing joy from, and I strive to bring warmth to every painting. I'm honored when my customers say they have their own "Eriksdotter" in their home. My pet portraits and bridal bouquet paintings have become popular gifts over the years and I'm blessed to have customers all over the world. 

My art has been mentioned in magazines such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Bridal Guide, Washingtonian, and on popular blogs like I HAVE CAT. I have participated in many top juried national art shows on the East Coast and have art displayed in some of my favorite shops and galleries.

I live in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. with my husband, an e-learner designer, our 1,5 year old son, a happy busy bee, and our sweet and crazy cats, Lola and Rasmus, who often join me in the studio.
"I appreciated that Erica took the time to learn about her before starting on the piece. I feel like she was really able to capture her essence. I loved being able to see the progress as Erica worked on it and get some insight into the process. But photos don't do it justice -- opening the shipping box and seeing the finished piece in person was incredible."
12x12" / 11x14"
$585 USD
18x18" / 16x20"
$1,085 USD
24x24" / 22x28"
$1,885 USD

Here's how it works:
Be an active collaborator during the process regarding shape of canvas, pose of the animal, background color and provide feedback on the photos I share with you. 
If you are not happy with the final painting, we'll work together to see if we can revise the portrait. If you're still not happy after the changes, there will be a swift and complete refund.
The deadline to receive 100% money-back is the day of your final payment.
After the refund, the original painting and any photos of it (finished or unfinished) belongs to Studio Eriksdotter, LLC.
Note that an original acrylic painting is not meant to be an exact replica of the animal. While I do my best during the up to 40 hours of painting to create a close likeness to the animal and capture its personality, a painting is not a photograph and does include some creative licenses by the artist. 

Personally, the experience of losing my childhood pet, a Yorkie named Lucas, was devastating. It's a bond like none other and I was left with deep sadness and emptiness - something I still can feel today, 20 years later.

I understand why customers come to me near the end of their pet's life, or while mourning the loss of one. They come for a healing experience of honoring their pet with a tribute that will be cherished for decades to come. This forever keepsake is a celebration of the love and devotion shared between them and brings back fond memories for the whole family. 
"It makes us smile every time we see it"

"It's been great for the whole family to have it. My daughter was 10 months old when our cat passed away, and she still remembers her three years later. The portrait helps us to continue to remember her and keep her close to our hearts. It makes us smile every time we see it."

- J.D. of ​​Georgia, a repeat customer

"It makes me happy, rather than sad"

"I commissioned the portrait of my beautiful 3 year old Elsa right after we found out she had cancer and had less than a year with her. The painting hangs in our family room, right by my desk and it is seen by my family and me every day, several times a day. It brings me so much happiness, so much more than I would ever realize because it makes me smile and happy, rather than sad which happens when I sometimes look at photos. Erica's heart comes through in her work and I feel it every time I look at Elsa."

- M.S. of Maryland, a repeat customer

“Oh my goodness! You have completely captured his happy-go-lucky personality! I’m blown away. It’s funny when you see other’s beautiful paintings of their pets — but when it’s your’s it’s just remarkable how you capture the personality on canvas!”
"You somehow are able to convey the 'soul' of the animal. Amazing. Simply amazing. You have a gift."
"Erica does great work – she really captures the dogs’ expressions. And we like her personally. She’s great."
"Spot on. In looks and personality."

"Erica is such a unique artist whose warmth and care goes in every individual project."

“The pet portrait is even more gorgeous in person. The depth, clarity and subtle traits that you captured are truly outstanding. I absolutely adore it. You are first-class all the way!”
"Exact likeness!"
"it's sooooo good!! It looks just like him. We all absolutely love it."
"I loved being able to see the progress as Erica worked on it and get some insight into the process. But photos don't do it justice -- opening the shipping box and seeing the finished piece in person was incredible."

- J.D. of Georgia and owner of Macbeth​​​​​​​